Crazy 'Bout You (Single)
January 2023

August 2021


HIGHWAY BLUES January 2012

And The Sun Will Shine (Single)
September 2010

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The Detonators ORIGINAL DEMOS June 2007


Gordon Wood Band LIVE & UNPLUGGED January 2003


Produced by Martin Mitchell and Gordon Wood.  Recorded by Martin Mitchell, Instant Music, Cheltenham, UK

Drum tracks recorded by Paul Arthurs, Churchdown, Glos, UK

VOCALS: Gordon Wood, Katie Thomas

BAND: Jack Penny (electric guitar), Sam Draper (violin), G.W. (bass, acoustic guitar), Paul Arthurs (drums)

Released January 2023   DOWNLOAD @ BANDCAMP

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REVIEWS . . . .

"Its pretty awesome when something totally unexpected drops into your inbox. This certain something is a nice little duet from Gordon Wood and Katie Thomas, entitled CRAZY 'BOUT YOU JUST THE SAME.
So what's it all about. Well, CRAZY 'BOUT YOU is a rootsy laid back ballad that comes out in the new year, on January 3rd to be precise, and having taken several listens to the track, I get the feeling that it could have come from another era altogether. It certainly has the feeling of a bygone age, a much simpler time, which is very refreshing in 2022/23.
So what do I mean by that. Well, music production in 2022 is very much about layers of music, layers of samples, ear candy and everything that producers think a listener wants to hear, squeezed into a 3 minute song. But sometimes, the simpler things in life sound just as sweet to the ear.
If you take a listen when the song comes out, you will hear it for yourself. It has none of the trappings of "modern production" with all the samples and layers of nonsense that producers have at their disposal these days. Its a good honest song played by real musicians and that's exactly how it sounds too. Listening to the track, it felt that I had found myself in a basement club, watching and listening to a 5 piece combo on darkly lit stage playing for the sheer pleasure of playing music. Its just feels so organic, especially the violin solo in the middle of the song. Quite delightful." - Rick Paris, NASHVILLE CALLING, December 2022

"Rootsy singer-songwriter Gordon Wood marks out some new and engaging musical territory with his latest release, CRAZY 'BOUT YOU JUST THE SAME.
Not only does he surprise with some old-timey country swing (for the first time if this reviewer’s memory serves him well), but also with a duet with honey-toned chanteuse Katie Thomas – a piquant salt ’n’ sugar pairing if ever there was one! The contrast well suits the back and forth ‘can’t live with you, can’t live without you’ banter of the lyrics.
There’s also some sprauncy fiddle from Sam Draper, bringing a tasty new flavour to Wood’s already varied repertoire. And, with Wood on acoustic and bass guitars, Jack Penny on electric guitar and Paul Arthurs on drums it all adds up to a cool collaboration which I’m sure listeners will want to be hearing from again without delay." - Geoff Ward (freelance journalist), November 2022